Manaus Brazil

Today was Manaus, Brazil

Another hot steamy day on shore.  We arrived a tich late, however it was a spectacular arrival.  
The meeting of the waters, Rio Negro joining with Amazon River forming this incredible color contrast.  The milky coffee-with-cream coloured Amazon from the last few days formed swirls and definite delineated lines in contrast with the very black waters of the Rio Negro.  Swirling and moving along side, almost as in a dance, mocha with black coffee, however not blending, staying in distinct lines and curls.  Almost in the style of yin and yang, beside each other in equal proportion.  
Different density?  Different ph balance?  Water and oil don’t mix, but water and water … Why not mix?  So curious.  And beautiful!  Spectacular really!  I must Google this one day for a better understanding.
The captain selects the black waters for this portion of the journey.
Much of the ship had breakfast at around the same time, and many went off to join tours of jungle treks and rubber plantation historical tour, or city tours.  Around 930 am six of us prepared to walk in to the city of Manaus.  No real plan, armed with a local map and a hope to see the very famous Opera House.  We had also heard of the markets here and hoped to stumble upon those, which we did.  
It was a hot and sunny day, lots of activity and some time shopping.
We returned to our loyal ship for lunch and then off to check out more stops after lunch.  We found a wine  selection in a shop called Top International.  By the way, also carrying a few purses and scarves by the designer label DESIGUAL.  I enjoyed the selection of wine and Swarovski crystal jewelry in the air conditioned and brightly decorated, very modern and clean shop.  Recalling that the previous visit I made to Brazil I had purchased flip flops for each of my beautiful daughters as a gift from my trip.  Now I spy a whole store that sells only the Havaianas style and make of footwear made famous all over the world.  I find a pair in each of the sizes for my daughters, make the purchase and then we proceed back to the ship before the dump of rain.  
I hear the very loud roll of thunder and the air is heavy with moistness, getting ready to turn to rain at any moment.
A great day.  Great wine shared when back in the room.  Specially dining with Laine and Penny, Janie, Adrienne and myself.  Lobster this and lobster that, a great feast.
Good night all, tomorrow more Amazon adventures in the town of Parentins.

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