Today in Santerem

Hot hot hot!  
The morning started with an early arrival in this small city.  It is a Sunday, and the jungle is so close.  The river seems high and active in this, the rainy season.  We dock next to the town and announcements for free shuttle to the Centro.  Between noon and one pm we head off the ship.
Many of the gals head out to an excursion, to see giant lily pads, pink Dolphins and a small boat trip in the Amazon.  Adrienne and I decide to walk to town.  We have guidance from the guest speaker on board from earlier days on the ship, and a map.  We can see the lovely long Boardwalk that runs parallel to the water.
We walk, walk and walk.  Sightings of vultures.  We see buildings boarded up and closed for today.  Hammocks colourful and hanging empty on decks of boats all along the boardwalk.  Fishing is no doubt the main source of livelihood hood here.
The sun is directly overhead and hot.  We were dressed in long pants, mine lulu lemon in light grey.  And then a long sleeve light weight Tilley shirt over top.  With thoughts of rain laters, a hat and raincoat tied around my waist.  They watch, the locals.  We must look different than what they are used to seeing on the hot Sunday streets in their town.

This is a great place to enjoy a relaxing walk.  We see fisherman mending nets and loading and unloading all manner of supplies.  We know there are markets, however not much today but small handicrafts tables by the ship pier.  Nothing of interest to us.
Exhausted we return to the ship.  I throw in a load of laundry, take a swim in the pool and a long shower.  Upstairs to the lounge for tea, and some needle point before dining.  Lovely meal tonight, just us two as we wait for our friends to arrive back on board.  Late night entertainment with cruise director Ray Michaels.  
And tomorrow the tiny village of Boca Da Valeria.  A tiny fishing village of a hundred people!  
Good night, Pam.

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