heading to Santarem, Brazil

A new day on the Amazon, today we go to port in Santarem.

I am enjoying the green lush coastline as we float gently down the murky earth water Amazon River.  Foliage, branches, and sometimes whole patches of greenery looking a bit like a putting green if it was on a golf course, bobbing along in the water current.  
Flies, birds, blue sky, fluffy rainforest clouds, lush green vegetation, some mountainous areas off in the distance.  All unfamiliar to my North American eyes, except perhaps what looks like house flies at times buzzing around the open windows in the Terrace and Patio areas on deck of this floating resort.  I see some white dots on green lawn surrounding a large estate home, looking like perhaps sheep or goats.  What must that be like?  Trying to keep livestock alive on the coastline of the Amazon River?  
Now planted upstairs at Horizons lounge, there must be two dozen women joined in this spot to learn and practice needlepoint.  Gals making all manner of colourful purses, eye glass cases, and more.  

I am envisioning when we finally land, later today, expecting steamy, muggy and tropical, Amazonas territory.  
I feel totally detached from the urban world.  A different pace, magically transported to a time and space totally unfamiliar to my life experience.  At one with nature, floating with the flora and fauna.  
There is a heaviness in the air, like a blanket of heat and steam.  The creatures who live in this climate will be unique to our experience.  Lush and fertile, likely bursting with sound and language unlike human chatter, awaiting our arrival.
We are advised to ready our bodies for the foreign insects.  Applying bug spray and wipes.  
A few hours of needlework and gorgeous vistas, and I will step foot on soil.
Tchau for now, in Portugese, 

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