Boca da Valeria, Brazil

Boca da Valeria

This is what I imagined when I envisioned the mighty Amazon.  A delta, tributaries of green foliage and tiny boats winding through the mysterious waters of this magnificent river.  A waterway teaming with life, white graceful birds, large pink Dolphins rising to the surface.  Unimaginable creatures below.  I am entertained by the river alive with sounds and sights of wildlife.
My morning walk finds me with my mouth open.  Staring.  Stopping to take pictures over the side from tenth floor walking/ jogging track.  Other gals from the meetup group join me.  We watch the small wooden boats weave along the slight river likely defined by the land poking out after the mighty rains have raised the water level of the main river.  I see cattle in a fenced area. I wonder how  that works?
The villagers coming to greet the ship.  This would be a big day for the hundred inhabitants of this village.  
I see maybe five or six larger buildings, a church, school building and perhaps a few homes, all on stilts and up a bit on the bank preparing for the river to rise another two meters during this, the rainy season on this mighty river, which has its own climate.
Two seasons, wet and dry.  Although hot sunny and muggy this morning, when we take the tender boat over to the small village, the rains come.  I have very functional rubber boots to wear, and light weight long pants, short sleeve shirt and my trusty cotton hat.  
Families bring their children to greet us and for pictures, and wanting some money.  Selling nick backs and also photo opportunities, the poor simple and plentiful families are very excited for a visit from this cruiseship. 
 The Oceania staff and crew have gathered and are making donations to the small school house of trinkets, pencils, paper etc.  They will go over this afternoon bearing gifts to the towns people.  
While on the ship, while on tender over and now after returning, drying off and sitting by the window in Horizons lounge, I can get sightings of the famous pink Dolphins rising over and over to the surface for our enjoyment.  Huge fish and brightly coloured.
More soon.  Boulliabase for lunch, yumm.
Wish you were here

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