Sea Day in the Sun

Hello all, I am going to arrange for unlimited internet as of today so I can be posting every day.  It is quite an expense on this ship, however I feel it is important to my work as well as keeping in touch with you, my friends and family.

Today is Thursday March 12 and we are on day 6 or 7 of the 21 day cruise from Rio de Janeiro Brazil.  In a few days from now we will be cruising up the Amazon, a destination of many.  The ship seems full and there are over 140 Canadians on board.  We have joined forces with some other women for Karaoke as well as spending time checking in morning and afternoon meals.  Also dancing in the evenings in Horizons lounge after 1030.

I am reading from the Oceania Currents, the daily planner for the guests, and it provides some interesting facts.  Like the pressure at the deepest part of the ocean is close to 7 tons per square inch.  Wow!  Ocean water comprise about 85 percent of the water on the earths surface.  The Pacific Ocean is the largest by double the next largest, Atlantic and followed by the Indian and much smaller is the Arctic.
This morning I met a very knowledgable woman from Vancouver who is a guest speaker on board on the topics related to the Amazon, Angela Scneider.  
Tonight half of our group will meet for dinner with the Future Cruise gal on board in the Main Dining Room.  I have also arranged many specialty dining dates with each of the 6 staterooms of the Canadian ladies.  Last night we mostly all met and ate at a very large table for 10.  Great fun!  
Tonight is late night dancing with the show band at 1030 pm.  I have some wine in the room now so I will have a wee drop later today. 
The sun is hot and bright as we near the equator, perhaps tomorrow we cross. It has been amazing weather!  

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