A typical day at sea, heading to Amazon

Weekend at sea!

Today is full of fun.  Up early for the walk around the deck with a few of the Canadian Goddesses …. Our new name for the Karaoke group singers … Lol.
After a seat in the shade near the pool and lots of cold water to drink.  Great conversations arise from our morning walks … Topics if politics, gender, fitness, excursions and gratitude.  Off to breakfast and we begin our Malaria medications today, the day before we enter the Amazon basin and malaria potential area.  
Then to the room to gather plans for the day.  Breakfast on Terrace Cafe out side.  Lovely.
Needlepoint class.  Three or four of the women in our group making needlepoint glass holders, change purses etc.  Very fun and light atmosphere in horizons lounge on top deck 10.  
Then downstairs to the Regatta Lounge theatre room, to a presentation with our Future cruise gal, Stella.  She hosted us last night at dinner for 8 of us.  Tonight another group joins her, I get to attend both dinners.  It is a very nice presentation mostly about itineraries … Fabulous descriptions and maps.  She speaks well.
I am still working on my needle work and trying to arrange excursions for the gals in our upcoming ports of call.  Now attending a live cooking demonstration with three fabulous chefs on board.  Lobster Thermidore and Ceviche.  They are very entertaining, bantering a bit.  When a guest answers a question correctly a glass of wine is offered.  
At one pm we will cross the equator for a ceremony.  New to this are called polliwogs.  Already crossed before guests are called shellbacks.  I am a shellback and have done this ceremony four years ago with my mom, Steve, Darlene and Joan when we cruised Barcelona to Rio de Janeiro with Oceania on board Insignia.  It was December 2010.
The chef talked about using sauces without flour for the gluten free guests everywhere… How respectful and very much appreciated!  The lobster dish is ready and looks amazing … The carved watermelon for display of the Ceviche.  Great demonstration!
Signing out for now.

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