Recife day, Olinda

At the pier we negotiate twenty USD per person for four hour tour.  Olinda, Recife, beach. And a bit of shopping and sight seeing is promised.  She speaks some English, enough for us to understand.

Olinda… Means beautiful and the views from monetary.  

Recife, political demonstration outside the government buildings .. We took pictures of the park.  We could hear the voices raised.  Police said not safe, we got in van and left :). We feel safe and cared for now 🙂
Driver says two seasons, hot and very hot.  Ha ha
At the prison converted to shopping stalls in Recife. I have been this way before  and is fun.  
At prison now.  Shopping.  Bargains … Here we go.
I have been here before, four plus years ago.  Same same …

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