Vancouver to Seattle, just the beginning!

The journey to Rio.

First leg in Vancouver was lovely.  Fairmont Airport Hotel in Vancouver is wonderful and luxurious.
Crazy busy getting though check in and then security and many queues. In fact we were the last three to board I think.  Janie, Mishka and myself.  No breakfast and running the last part of the trip up and down escalators as the sound overhead explained that final boarding for our flight, all passengers should be on board.  

In front of me is the exit row with empty seat.  I asked to be moved, Delta says no.  Well that is strange.  However. I am going to be happy with just getting on board …. Oh here comes a few more last minute arrivals.  Thirty minute flight to Seattle.  Lol.  Two hours plus trying to get through the gates.
Our bags are supposed to go through to Rio.  Saying hooponopono prayer for luggage safe arrival.  
My phone and email out of office are on.  My work is done for now as I transit to Brazil.  
A vacation is needed after a busy first part of the year.  My stats show over one thousand percent increase in sales over last year ….  So three weeks away from the business  should be ok.  I will continue to be checking email.
Travelling with 14 wonderful women from the Women’s Travel Club.  
For now, saying Tchau…. And good bye.

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