On route to Amazon 

The Amazon, the anticipation.  On my way, women living our dreams!

I am on the road, on the move.  The gals and I travelling from different locations and arriving in Rio sometime early tomorrow morning.  I am in Vancouver staying at the Fairmont Hotel last night and off for my Delta flight this morning to begin the flight leg of the journey to the Amazon.  
What is it about the Amazon for women?  The diversity of wildlife, unique, exotic … No where else in the world.  The myths and the legends. 

Immense.  Mythical.  Exotic.  Dense rain forest.  Wildlife.  Mysterious.  Wide, deep, long.  Massive.  Unrelenting. Awesome. Wonder.  Jungle. Folklore.  
Over 6200 km long.  Contains a fifth of the world’s fresh water.  Widest spot is 40 km in width.  Dumping 300 million litres of fresh water into the ocean every second.  Crosses 7 countries.
150 million years ago this mighty river flowed from east to west, now it flows from west to east.  (The proof that change is inevitable!).  
Taken from Great a Journeys: by Lonely a Planet.
What to expect?  White sand beaches at Alter do Chao.  Mind blowing sights.  
Off I go, a flight in my day to get me back to Rio.  Last time I was here in December 2010.  
Tchau to all, pronounced ciao, as in Italy !
Hugs to all, 

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