Delta flight to Atlanta

I managed one exit row seat on this next leg of flight on route to Rio.  I am seated now and the plane, full to capacity, continues to load.  

Met up in the lounge area with the following gals on our trip, Penny, Laine, Helen, Sylvia, Cindy, Janie and Mishka, Vivien and Margrit… Gerry and Gail had an earlier flight.  We will all meet in Atlanta for the last leg.  And then we will join up its Aurelie and Adrienne who are flying to Rio from Miami airport.  And with me, total 14 all accounted for.
On Facebook connecting with a few of the gals who wanted to come but for a variety of reasons were unable to make this trip.  Too bad … There will be other trips to join!
We also met a few other couples who are destined for our same cruise, Oceania Regatta 21 nights from Rio to Miami with a week on the fabulous Amazon River.  Wow!
My flight pillow is now inflated, my iPhone plugged in and charging, I have some pistachio nuts for the flight.  Hoping for gluten free vegetarian selection for a meal … We shall see.
Closing the overhead bins means we are preparing to depart.  Must get ready for my instructions in the exit row.
Sunshine brilliantly the entire trip so far, looking forward to the same for the entire three weeks.  
Tchau for now, as they say in Brazil, similar to Italy!  Only the spelling is different, the meaning remains the same.
“One does not mess with the  sun along the equator” and 
“One can never be too careful on the Amazon.” By Joe Jackson, author of The Thief at the End of the World

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