Looking to Relax in Rio!

Welcome back … Or was it me who was away?  Ha ha.

It has been a while since my last entry and busy-ness has been the reason.  This first year of retirement from government has been taken over with thoughts and deeds related to travel.  
Also I spent two glorious weeks being Grammie to my wonderful grandboys, and I have spent time with my mom in Nova Scotia and in BC.
Also busy making plans to travel with the Women’s Travel Club.  Check us out … Look at the past and future Meetups as well as the discussion board for more information on what we have been up to.  
Off to Rio in a few days with fourteen women from the club, and in preparation I have been making packing lists in my head.  What to wear to the equator for a leisurely cruise down the mighty Amazon River?  
Please stay tuned for an incredible journey.  Several of the gals are photographing the travels so I am hopeful to post some amazing photos, and great stories of laughter and friendships.  
Ciao for now and see you under the sun and on the seas.  
Love P

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