More, more and more

“If somebody has fallen, raise them. If somebody is going down, uplift them. If somebody is hungry, feed them. If somebody is unhappy, dance with them. There are things to do and those things are part of us.”
Yogi Bhajan

Good morning dear ones from sunny snowy Nova Scotia. It is lovely to be here, four hours ahead of my friends and family back in BC.

This is my first family visit down east since retirement from government service. It is good to still be able to travel with iPad in hand and know I can access and enjoy the travel consulting business even from a distance and time zone change.

A few of the Women’s Travel Club gals are planning to see the east coast this May. With s cruise on Holland America from Boston to Quebec City and a few days in New York to see a show and enjoy a meal or two, a walk in Central Park and breathing air from the city that never sleeps. I am looking forward to that trip myself and trust that I will be part of a lovely group of gals, a tribe of BC women taking in some culture of our own country and continent. Woooo hoooo!

I hope you can find the time in your schedule to join us.

In the meantime I get a few weekly email reminders to be a better person, to reach higher and higher to be my personal best in every way …. And would like to offer this following list for you to add to if you like.

In 2015 I want MORE:

More positive conversations
More international travel
More interactions with people who build up my confidence
More joy
More time out of doors
More new experiences and explorations
More connections
More kissing, more hugs, more hand holding
More mindful living in each moment
I will knock on more doors and turn over more stones

I will reach out for more and I will receive more.

With wonderful kind thoughts, to you and yours … Trusting you also will experience more more and more!

Ti Amo,
Love Pamela



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