Flight to Nova Scotia

Here are some details of my day and flight from Victoria on Vancouver island, British Columbia to Halifax Nova Scotia on 9 January 2015.

Westjet allowed me to select seats in emergency row when I completed online check in yesterday. I wonder if it was a birthday gift? Lol. I accept it gratefully for all of the legs of the journey.

First leg: Victoria. So here I am seated in my row with priority boarding, ready for embarkation and lots of leg room. Apparently yesterday flights were delayed due to fog, so some tired travellers in the que. This is the first leg of my journey and I was here plenty early this morning to start the trek across this vast country during some seasonal weather conditions. Onward.

Some people with hats, wearing shorts and flip flops, obviously coming from places where they tanned. Some looking pasty white and likely returning from vacations within Canada, perhaps the holidays with families? Hard to say for sure but fun to create fun stories. Couples, young families … Etc. I spent some time talking to one of the agents who works at Expedia CruiseShipCenters as a home agent out of my office. It was nice to have some time to talk with her.

Emergency row seat, with leg room. Attendant comes back with flashlight looking for frost on the wing, out the emergency row window. The lady beside me makes some small talk and says something like the “the Canadian way would be to put your tongue on the wing and see if it gets stuck”. I am reminded of my youth in Ontario where that story played out, mostly with the young boys as I recall …

And later : Walking the length of Edmonton airport now. Arriving safely to minus twenty six, sun shine outside. Plane arrival delayed and so is our departure to Toronto and Halifax. Apparently I don’t get off plane in Toronto … Stay on and fly on to Halifax after reloading. Whatever, I am up and away and soon dosing with my new blow up neck pillow purchased for my flights home from the Caribbean just last month.

Few hours later still: beginning our descent to Toronto airport. It’s cold everywhere I have been today except not as extreme in beautiful Victoria so very many hours ago. Sigh. Winter in Canada sounds like this.

I have been texting with my mom and there is some weather where she is, so she has booked me a hotel room in the Halifax airport for the night. She will come get me in the morning when the roads are better. Especially with the delayed flight and later arrival predicted for the wee hours in the morning.

Babies begin screaming with pain in their ears I suppose as the cabin pressure changes and we head down, down, down. I pop in some gum because I feel it too and it is unseemly for adults to act the same, we are supposed to know better and take precautions. The lineup for the restrooms also begins.

Finally: arrival in Halifax. The pilot advised frozen runway, would be a bit rougher and faster … His words “more aggressive” than we are used to. It was a fast stop. Seems when I was in Toronto they cleaned out the seat pockets and disposed of my little matching bag for my blow up pillow. I deflate it and store in a plastic bag to keep it clean. I will need it to head home in about 11 days.

My luggage soon comes off the shute. I am always relieved when this happens! Some people take it for granted but I do a silent prayer and use positive thinking ….

I wander to the airport hotel, situated so that I don’t have to go out in that very frozen east coast air tonight. I am in my room, finishing off this blog for the evening.

Hopeful for a good rest and a great sleep. Tomorrow hopefully the roads will be nicer and I can visit with my family.

Ti Amo, thanks for the well wishes along the way on Facebook for those of you who follow me there.

More stories to tell, but sleep is calling. G’night.


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