Travelling to the winter wide of Canada

I love how the beautiful eastern Canada town looks in winter. Wolfville Nova Scotia is beautiful, peaceful, and yet a hub of activity with University students and the bustle of everyday life.

Driving through town after a fresh dusting of snow takes me back to an earlier time in my life. Big porches on front of large old homes, set on huge property lots, and still decorated for the holidays.

Tonight it promises to get by cold and freeze the puddles to make them like glass. We will stay snuggled up warm most of the day, doing mother and daughter activities. Laughing, eating, sorting, remembering and loving our together time. I love to visit “home”.


The night has passed now, morning rising. There was a deep frost last evening and it carries on into day now. Like the Disney movie Frozen, I am seeing crystals forming and ice, blowing snow and winter in this little coastal community, from the warmth and comfort of the apartment where I am staying. Music playing ‘zen’ on the large screen tv. A welcome relief from disturbing world news.

“Big Magic”, new book from one of my women mentors, asks a great question. “What has Big Magic made you do in your life?”

Thanks for joining me on my journey,

All the best for your Saturday and all the days to come,

Ti Amo,


One comment on “Travelling to the winter wide of Canada

  1. Debbie Rachar says:

    Great Blog Pam. Thanks for sharing the Question – “What has Big Magic made you do in your Life”!

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