St Kitts and Nevis Dec 8 2014

Day one, St Kitts and Nevis, December 8 2014

We arrived in time to enjoy our complimentary champagne in our stateroom while we unpacked into the well appointed room for two. We spent a bit of time on the veranda and ordered shrimp cocktail and a cheese plate to hold us over till our dinner reservation in the specialty Polo Grill restaurant.

In e meantime we had to attend an emergency evacuation drill and met a very fun and funny couple on their first cruise. We laughed, maybe the champagne made it all seem funnier?

Lovely dinner, I ate lobster, the whole thing, after Caesar salad and soup, all gluten free. We also enjoyed another bottle of wine, this time Prosecco. Dinner was fantastic, the atmosphere was great. Th.e service outstanding. And the little jelly square fruit items suitable for gluten free, I remembered from my last cruise with Oceania on this very ship, at least 4 years ago. In fact exactly to the date four years ago as we sailed from Barcelona to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am so glad they still had those jellies and of course, fresh made marshmallows with sauce.

The seas a bit rough, the exhaustion and lack of sleep, he rich food all caused me to decide that an early evening was in order. I slept. And slept.

Today we got up in time to see us arrive in St Kitts at the port of call. No excursion were booked in advance. We ate a fresh fruit and toast kind of breakfast, and took the tender boat over. Little place, three large ships in dock, Celebrity and two Royal Caribbean ships, including the newest Quantum of the Seas. I took pictures.

Terry and I were determined to walk and find a beach. Ha ha. Locals told us not to, so after we walked through the village, we began our walk to the tender boat, shopping along the way.

Postcards for he grand boys, and a flag of this tiny country. USD are accepted here.

It was very hot and sunny today so we decided to come back on the ship a tech early, grab lunch and relax by the pool. If we could have found bicycle rentals or even shooter rentals, terry would have explored more, not to be today.

After a lovely lunch of taco salad, vegetarian style, with grapefruit sorbet, we cooled down in the salt water pool an enjoyed the sun a bit. Then off to the spa where we found the thalassotherapy pool. Steam room and spa terrace that we can use on a complimentary basis. We are also trying to decide on spa treatments for future days.

Terry did an hour of running and exercise today and I walked and ran with her for about half hour. It was fun and enjoyable to get to do that with her. I went back to the spa, enjoyed the pool, showered and now am sitting on the team veranda waiting for appies to arrive. Then we plans to enjoy happy hour from five to six, perhaps try a special drink or martini …. Then dinner after in main dining room.

Time to dress and enjoy more lobster. Ha ha .. I ordered this morning for dining tonight … This ship serves lobster every night somewhere, very pleasant!

Internet is slow and spotty but we have it complimentary, so going to try to post this soon.

Ciao my friends and family. Tomorrow we have a spice and rum tour on Grenada. Lucky me!



2 comments on “St Kitts and Nevis Dec 8 2014

  1. Peggy says:

    Oh Pam. Sounds wonderful!

  2. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I’m glad to be traveling with you in spirit.

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