Toronto stop over

At Toronto airport

Hey there, we are hopping along and making our way to San Juan Puerto Rico for a relaxing ten day cruise in the very South islands in the Caribbean.

Although I have not been away from cruising that long, I am due for another. I love the sun and heat. I enjoy the relaxation and pace of a lovely comfy luxurious cruise ship.

I anticipate a wonderful opportunity to celebrate my retirement from government with dear friends travelling with me. As well, I am looking to enjoy complimentary access to the spa terrace on the ship, with sea water pool, lounge chairs, steam room and quiet access to the sea air. Like a moment by moment with serenity.

I have picked up a pair of headphones to listen to my audible books for added inspiration as I encounter my muses and circle of genius.

It is the early morning here in Toronto airport and the sun rise was subtle and is now complete. It looks cold outside. Next stop, San Juan with some heat!

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