Some facts of Grenada

You say Grenada, I say Grenada.


I am at an enrichment talk about this port of call for today. I have a shore excursion booked to see and learn about the Spice of Life, spices grown here and of course a rum distillery for some tasting! Living the dream … Here are some of the notes:

Independent island of British commonwealth since 1974. Agriculture is important, spices, sugar, turned to slavery to work fields for a time as they did not have enough population to tend the crops. Hurricanes killed sugar plantations. Now nutmeg and other spices major to economy.

Unique flag. Parliamentary democracy. Queen is the monarch. Associate of the EU countries.

History of invasions, executions and other political upsets. I recall something about this country, hearing about it in the news. Hurricanes history, severe weather in the hurricane belt. Three major hurricanes in my lifetime. Roofs of buildings gone, used tarps. 90% of the buildings damaged. Many still stay in same condition now, today.

80% of nutmeg were damaged. It takes 7-15 years to grow a new nutmeg tree.

High rate of poverty, small farming on the island of less than 5 acres a farm.

Use Eastern Caribbean Dollar, however most places take USD.

Volcanic island, beautiful tropical rainforest, some of the best beaches in the world, and. Coral reefs. Eco tourism is popular. There is a sunken ship to explore with scuba diving. Grand Anse beach by water taxi.

Steep streets, deep gutters, drive on other side of the road … Pedestrians look out. Many sights not well preserved. Beaches are popular and some are spectacular. The museum used to be a prison. There is a fort as well to see views of harbour.

There is an old town, Carenage. Water taxis available for hire to take you around the island, to beaches, etc. There is an underwater sculpture garden Moliniere point, you have to scuba or snorkel to see it. Over 160 pieces on display under water. Helps protects the reefs from erosion. Annandale Falls is lovely, with gardens, swimming, vendors, open to tourists.

Local bus, water and land taxi, van, privately owned independent drive vehicles to explore this 21 x 12 miles island.

More to come after I see it for myself! Sunny, warm and docked in port.

Ciao for now,


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