It’s That Time Again!

It’s time again

Time to write, time to travel. Time to write about travel.

Greetings friends and family,

Tomorrow I embark on another adventure. Pure luxury on Oceania cruise, back to the little Boutique ship Insignia that I sailed on a few years ago to cross Atlantic from Barcelona to Rio de Janeiro.

This time flying round trip Victoria, to San Juan Puerto Rico and back from Miami.

The cruise is ten days in the sun and surf, exploring beaches and small exotic countries / islands in the south Caribbean. Ports of call in St Kitts, Grenada, Barbados, St Lucia, St Vincent, Martinique and St Bart’s. Even a day cruising the Old Bahamas Channel before coming home.

Upgraded to concierge veranda so get lots of special perks including complimentary and unlimited access to the Canyon Ranch spa private Spa Terrace, welcome bottle of champagne, extra and priority specialty dining, complimentary iPad and more.

This is going to be relaxing and spectacular, with plans to enjoy the spa, some wine, complimentary internet package and some beach walking.

No room left in my suitcase so perhaps I can’t buy anything … Lol.

That’s ok, I was working on being minimalist this year … Ironic.

Today I was also invited to offer a letter of support nominating my very great and long time friend for 2015 Woman of Distinction Award. She is one of my mentors and I value her advice and friendship. I will be crafting her letter when I get back from the trip. Such a special celebration! I am honoured.

On the trip to Caribbean I will be traveling with some of the fabulous fun and courageous women from the Women’s Travel Club. I invite you to join .. Invite your moms, your sisters and your friends …

I will be happy to feature any travel bucket list destinations that are requested. As well, assist with finding compatible travel companions when requested. Lots of great adventures coming up and I hope you join. Even just to follow where we are going, it is a fun way to feel part of global adventures. You don’t need to be from Victoria to join! Just North America, please.

Well, back to last minute packing lists and picking up some last minute items from the store which won’t fit anyway. Lol. …. So much for minimalism!

Ciao for now,

I will send pics and stories


One comment on “It’s That Time Again!

  1. gailgrant49 says:

    You are just going to love this cruise….St. Lucia,Barbados, Martinique….Been there…..not on this cruise lines but……. Awesome. Probably the best cruise I had ever been to. Enjoy the eastern Caribbean!

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