Travel pillow saga

Life and death of a travel pillow

Today I write, with slight sadness at the death of my travel pillow. It sprung a slow leak somewhere between boarding the plane and settling in to my seat on Lufthansa in Naples on route to Munich and eventually to arrive in Victoria sometime much later …

In fact I did notice tiny white balls first leaking out when I placed my carry on luggage in the overhead bin.

A small mess leaking on another passengers bag, little static balls of white fluff sticking to other peoples future travels and to my own.

I advise the stewardess and she smiles, thanks me for letting her know and she brings me a plastic bag for the removal with little fuss.

My travel pillow formerly has been around the world several times. I don’t prefer it as a style because it is bulky and always takes up too much space … I don’t recall exactly when however it was in Victoria I believe when I first spied the green and black pillow for some major trip …. Likely to Europa!

Next time I will purchase a blow up pillow so that it is more portable and easy to store, carry and use. I will enjoy shopping for such a pillow maybe even at Munich or perhaps next year for my long flight to Brazil in March en route to the Amazon and three weeks with Oceania cruises.

And so, I am now sipping white German wine, some sparkling water and they have provided a banana for my gluten free eating pleasure. Grazie, thank you and to the folks at Lufthansa, I am grateful. The next flight will be much longer and issues of food likely to come up again…. However I am hopeful that all my needs and desires will be met. I am happy and a content drinking white wine!

And on we go, the journey continues.

Ti amo, ciao ciao to the pillow, and to Italy for this year. I know I will be back to Roma, to Venezia, to Cinque Terre, to Firenze, to Tuscany. For now and maybe for a long time – I am done with south Italy.



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