The trek home begins. Reflection

Bon giorno from Napoli, en route to Canada

It’s a blue sky day here in Naples as I rise and get ready for my flight and adventure home to Victoria Canada. Four women travelling together today, the fifth one is off to Paris for a week.

We met last night in a shared space to review the highlights, talk about how the trip met and exceeded the expectations we had set all those weeks ago. We felt each part of the adventure, each turn of the road, each person we encountered, each day the weather, each purchase at the various venues, and some gluten free meals were exquisitely over the top. Far exceeding our anticipated travel dreams. Wow!

I feel I contributed to and witnessed a very successful holiday by all.

I also noticed some things about myself, how this trip highlighted and illuminated some if the efforts I have been making throughout the year for improvement and for travel dreams with groups.

What am I noticing?

I have been noticing on this trip that it is important to look beyond, and be curious.

What is taken for granted in my own country? That I notice here and am so grateful for …. What have I missed at home? Can I take this awareness back with me and see with more focus and clarity?

After Pompeii I wonder what lies beneath us all, in the soils of time. Once again I walked where others have tread thousands of years ago, hundreds of years ago, the yesterday’s of this place. How are we connected? Can we detect the energies of place and time?

When traveling with My partner I pay more attention to spending time with him, as a couple and together. A celebration of us. When he is not here I spend more time on my self and my growth and daily practice as a person. How to be more or to be ok with what is.

This is the living. We practice and try to be better people … I do. So when an opportunity like this presents, I get a chance to see where I am at with the climb. How mindful? How kind? How much do I walk the walk? What do I get triggered by and what would I like to work on for myself?

I learned to speak some Italian and learn some about the culture, peoples, history and geography of the area we were visiting …. This I suggest is value added to any holiday vacation. To gain a greater appreciation and offer something back is a key to WomenHoldingHandsAroundTheWorld. I enjoyed learning about and exploring that which was unexpected and unknown previously … That which is not available in books and research. The heart of people worldwide is the same. To want to be witnessed, appreciated and loved. Ti amo!

I found using the phrases and words I learned helped me feel more a part of Italy … And likely contributed to understanding and the people here wanting to be kinder to me for my efforts. I will do that practice again in future travels.

I feel more international and part of this global community by visiting and immersing into the rural Italian culture of the south … Staying in the boutique hotels in Naples, Agritourismo, and then time share all in small out of the way, yet deep in the Italian heart and soul of this country. Some might say, the REAL Italiano! Where people love their day to day lives not so much for tourism but for daily living …. We are the same same. We live and love the same everywhere and in all time.

Ti amo Italy, and I shall be forever changed by this trip … This adventure, the choices I made each day to live and love as fully as possible in each moment.

To breakfast now …. And then the airporto!

Ciao ciao, mi amica and famille ….. Ti amo. Wish you were all here, tutti!

Your Pamelllllla


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