Munich airport

Years ago, another trip, another time, I spent hours here. I remember the meditation hall. I see the signs again today and I remember how grateful I was to find and enjoy it so many years ago. How many I am not quite sure … But in the last four or five years. I remember a food court … Although I don’t see it now. I do remember I was at this airport for hours and today is less than one hour. Gate h28 we are waiting for embarkation notice.

Eating rice cakes we found and purchased in Italy. I checked again with the front desk person and no leg room seats available …. However gluten free is assured for my meals. Wooooop wooooop. I am excited. I doubt if it is vegetarian, however, I can adjust to my vegan lifestyle again when I get home …. It always presents issues when travelling. I have only been practicing vegan / vegetarian in 2014. I do like it and will continue … Exception is on travel status I am prepared to eat sea and shell fish.

Don’t lose the magic in the everyday

For the past few years I have been recording some if my thoughts and marking my efforts for living. On this trip returning to my life in Victoria, I am listening on Evernote to reflect and listen and witness my own growth. My dreams that have come true. My personal growth.

About ten hours till Vancouver. A sleep will be good …. Hope they have extra pillows …. Lol

See you all soon!

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