Amazing Airplanes

I am always amazed that airplanes get off the ground. How does that magic happen? I am grateful and appreciative of the great mind that created this mode of travel.

Lufthansa flight Munich to Vancouver. I have a lovely front row seat, window. It was not always so. A woman was seated separate from her son. Deb and I were seated together. I offered to move so that the boy and his mom could sit together. I feel very fortunate. I also received notice that I will have gluten free meals, and they gave me a business class gift of socks, eye mask etc for switching.

I see there is wifi on this plane? Interesting. I will see how it works and let you know! There is a cost so I decide to wait.

I watch movies The Other Woman, Young Victoria, Words and Pictures and Maleficent. I enjoy them all. The flight passes the time, I am fed gluten free meals, some wine.

I arrive in Vancouver, through customs, and gentle last flight to Victoria. Home!

Ciao and thanks for joining me!

Ti amo,


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