Cinque friends in Napoli

“I got you babe. ”

Five women holding hands, singing with karaoke you tube, sonny and Cher, I got you babe! How fun is that scene! And it really happened, in Naples!

We had a bottle of white wine and the girls brought back Prosecco and limoncello to share and cheers to good health and our trip tomorrow. They felt bad we made the choice to stay behind today.

Tomorrow we move hotels and join the tour with GAdventures and then to Pompeii the next day on the way to the Agritourismo outside Sorrento.

I am hoping my toe feels better by then however tonight I stubbed it again on the door. Earlier this evening we walked quite a ways to find a restaurant and then back again. The toe is turning many colours and is very tender now. Ouch.

Off to sleep and dream of healing.

Tomorrow to do some. Reading about Sorrento and move to new hotel.

Ciao ciao.


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