Last day in Napoli

Pamela: Three brilliant and inspirational highlights to share daily ….

The best gluten free thin crust Pizza and Asperol spritz at Rosso Pomodoro
Shopping and supporting Debbie to buy her spunky leggings
Changed hotel, air conditioning, wifi. Good bye to Piña and Maxime, hello to Susi at Hotel Correra 241

Meeting the GAdventures folks at 6 pm …. But first catching up on email and Facebook and photo posting :). Want to go buy big bottle of sparkling water … Love it over here! Brightly coloured modern Hotel Correra 241 …. Our bathroom is upstairs. But spacious and fun!

Met the group of twelve. Pamellllllla, Debbie, Janie, Marianna, Aurelie, Mavis, Julie, Jane, Ron, ( from Markham Ontario) Barb and Paul (organic farmers from New York State) and Francesco our leader from Napoli and he loves and is very close to his mother. He did leave home at 17 and says this is very unusual for a boy from Napoli! He is a sommelier and also teaches yoga. Out for dinner and gluten free pasta, best olives ever, local red wine and sparkling water. Pasta was bow tie el dente and with tomato sauce on it … And terrific.

Then a walk around to another square in Naples and found gluten free cones for gelato!

Great town, great visit … Tomorrow Pompeii and to our home for the next week in Sorrento.

I may go off the grid for a few days while on tour. I really want to be mindful and get into the nature and home of this place. I will continue to write …. But I might not get to post as often … Not sure about internet.

Till then, ciao ciao my friends and family…. I love you more than you will ever know.

Italy is a place of emotional expression, with horns, with voice, with arm gestures, with food and dancing, with laughing and wine …. With love. I feel it when I am here.

I want to absorb it, make it part of me and carry it forever with me in the future. I feel this is why I am here. Not just to watch it and experience it, and AND to take it in … Let it fill me up and be part of my DNA. Always and forever Italiano.

Ti amo. Mi dispiace. Prego.




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