On the street where you live …

I sat outside on the small but adequate balcony, high above the streets of Naples this morning. To enjoy the sunshine and the sounds, sights and experience of the street below. These were some of my experiences.

People hanging clothes out there balcony, including full sets of sheets, small socks, under garments and all in between.

Ava Maria alter and sill in the wall across the way, just above street level, with fresco of Maria imbedded. And in front on the sill several bouquets of plastic now faded flowers that have been left in honour.

Cobblestone alley / street busy with motor bikes, cars, taxis, pedestrians, dog walkers and their four legged companions.

Individual men and women hanging out of windows above the street and below me across the way. One man reading the paper. One man comes out to smoke a few times, a woman taking a rest from her busy day.

People arriving and ringing buzzer to gain entrance to apartments across the street.

Well dressed, high heeled women, hair looking great, walking.

I notice a store across and down the street a bit and I believe it sells bread products like pretzels, biscotti etc.

Birds, mostly pigeons alighting on roof ledges and areas where no people are present. They don’t stay long. Many I can see high up on the roof top lined up and looking like they are looking back at us.

Sounds of horns beeping, car tires on the cobblestones, people talking and gesturing in strong Italian accent. Often sounding angry and excited!

Shutters and wooden window coverings over balconies where it looks like no one is home.

I think it is time to try to venture out for a bite to eat. It is almost two pm here …. I will see if I can explore some with this foot injury.

Ciao ciao

Pamella of Naples



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