Hotel in Naples, more than meets the eye!

Le Stanze del Vicere, a Napoli

Un’elegante residenza che si affaccia su uno spaccato della Napoli antica. Un’imponente scalone, realizzato nel ‘ 700 dall’Architetto Luigi Vanvitelli, conduce alla Residenza, che dispone di poche camere in stile moderno, alcune delle quali impreziosite da antichi affreschi.

There is a small guest book in a box on the table in the great lounge where we had breakfast and inside is beautiful places in Italy. This hotel is featured and the above is description. Elegant residence, in ancient district of Napoli. 17th century residence has been updated to modern rooms. Ceilings still have original fresco.

The staircase was designed by the same architect who designed the Trevi Fountain in Rome, or so I am told. Quite the history of this lovely old building!




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