The Toe Story

Allora. Andiamo

Alrighty then, let’s go!

This morning as I woke to more emails about the offer on my condo, kind of not paying attention to my surroundings, I stubbed my little toe and fell hard on the marble step. When I say stubbed, I really mean that my baby toe on my left foot was at a forty five degree angle to my foot, bent way our of wack. The pain in my knee did not last as long as the throbbing as I tried to put my foot back to the way it should be. Gently coaxing the toe over to its toe companions. And the pain …..

So that commotion caused the other gals in my room to rise and it was not that early …. So everyone came to see what the matter was. Nurse Janie checked for signs of breakage and assessed a sprain, predicting toe blackening and much swelling. She went to Maxime in search for ice pack. In Italy space is always a premium. He was gone a long while to some place in the basement of this mansion, once palace, and had to chop off pieces of ice from a block. Oh my.

Returning with small hunks of ice in a bag and Aurelie wrapped in a towel, after applying reiki treatment, we applied ice and elevated the foot. I then showered and made the decision that walking the streets of Naples in the excessive heat today was not going to be pleasant with a throbbing foot and then if I had to return I would hold everyone up.

Travelling with five, we need to be considerate of our own needs and those of our companions. It is a fine balance. And it can be challenging to all participants. One of the other gals in my room, my dear friend and sometimes guest blogger, Debbie, decides she has had a rough night and wants to stay back as well.

There are worse things, for sure. The other three gals. After changing plans and outfits several times, (I love that about being a woman!), have headed off to see the museum of archeological history. We were going to do it tomorrow and yet when we checked, realized it is closed on Sundays and we all would have missed it anyway! It is so important to a few of the gals to see this museum … So important to go today.

Lessons learned: always check the hours for any activity or attraction when making plans. Especially when it really matters.

Today will be filled with mindful moments, perhaps more gluten free pizza, and Prosecco? Limoncello? Painting? Writing? And mindful presence in this place. To really experience this palace and the energy within.

I have so many thoughts about today and need and want the time to be present and enjoy these thoughts that rise and fall away, likes the waves of the sea.

Ciao ciao my friends, and family.

Ps. My toe is elevated and the housekeeper Piña has found ice cubes in the freezer and wrapped them in a towel and placed upon my injured two. She is a wise Italian woman ….. Grazie, Grazie I say to her. Prego, preto, she said in return. Ahhhhhhh

Pamella, my Italian version of my name!

One comment on “The Toe Story

  1. Adrienne says:

    Sooooo enjoying your photos and VERY happy faces. Green with envy am I.
    Ouch! your toe! And now thinking how ’twasn’t meant for me to have joined you gals after all, ’cause I sprained my ankle the day or so before Janie’s departure from Victoria BC (my foot now more black and blue and still painful). 😦
    There will be next times I’m sure (not the injuries; the travels!!!) 🙂
    – Adrienne

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