Naples, first impression

Arrival in Naples.

It is almost midnight. I am here!

Two of my dear travel buddies, as planned, met me at the airport and we brought a taxi to our bed and breakfast. I was a little traumatized by the driving of the cabbie. Seems red lights, stopping and speed limits are optional here! Open to interpretation …. He was listening to a football game on the radio. Janie had negotiated the cost of the taxi …. Wow! Garbage on streets, looks like they might be on strike?

We take for granted garbage removal where I come from. This is a very old part of Naples. Narrow alleys no wider than one car width and some garbage bags, grin.

Three of us arrive, each grab one of my bags and I think … Omg! This can’t be real…. I booked this? I am scared. They won’t tell me anything … I follow. Into an old old gate … Leading to more old inside … Like a huge high courtyard and I feel like I am in a well …. High sides all around …. Apartments? Old cement? Yucky, I think! I follow … We walk up flights of stone stairs. It is about 28 degrees and late in the evening … Muggy and hot. And now I am sweaty.

Then we step in. My breath catches in my throat …. Beautiful! This place is transformed on the inside. Marble shiny floors. An ancient painted ceiling … It is stunningly beautiful and huge and cool …. Two of the other gals are asleep. Jet lag will be with them a few days.

I am so very grateful for the two picking me up. I am not sure I could have done this without them. My heart could not have taken the stark contrast! I might not have gone in past the first door on my own! Lol

The rooms are spacious and clean. Mother table and eating / sitting area for all guests is breathtaking. I will post pics tomorrow.

I am greeted with bottled water and gluten free pizza left over. These are the best travel buddies EVER! I am so blessed. And grateful for my life.

Till the morning!

Love p

Offer on my condo.

What a day!

Piacere. I am so happy to be here.

Ti amo!


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