I love airports. Listening to the sounds of foreign accents trying to be understood by English speaking servers, some of whom have strong foreign accents.

It is such a busy place and confluence of so many cultures clashing and banging in waves of motion. Mostly happy.

Wine and beer from different regions and areas of the world. Advertised, ordered, consumed probably based on local tastes from area of origin?

Outfits. American women, I guess, dressed in capris and t shirts looking like they are just going out for groceries … French speaking women in heels and dark suits as if having a business meeting of the highest import. How we dress indicates how we expect our day to turn out, perhaps?

I am sitting in a lounge area reading the destinations of flights, Turin, Marrakech, Mauritius, Lamaca, Antalya, Faro, Gran Canaria, Kos, Alicante, Arrecife, Agadir and the Isle of Man to name a few of the exotic names I see on the list departing Gatwick over the next few hours from this north terminal alone …. With either British Airways or EasyJet. How many people must travel by flight in any given day to other parts of the world?

One flight delayed for Luger six hours so far … Oh my. That would be disappointing if people have children to entertain, or connections to make, or people waiting anxiously for their arrival at the other end.

Purpose of travel? Family visits? Moving to new life in new location? Business meetings? Applying for new employment? Meeting that new special someone they met on line only, so far?

Like me? Travel to expand my understanding and explore the world and our human connection to it ….

Today? Bridging my holiday that started with Southampton a few weeks ago, fourteen nights on a Baltic cruise followed by four nights exploring and enjoying London UK. Two women from the club joined in this past few weeks and I met several more who hopefully will become travel mates in years to come.

Next is this flight to Naples where I meet with 4 other gals from Victoria BC Canada …. And to explore the area for three nights . The isle of Ischia, the city of Naples and one day trip to Rome by local train… Then joined by two more ladies in the travel club …. We will all join a GAdventures Tour to Sorrento for one week Local Living at an agritourismo, lemon farm. We will explore Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, the island of Capri and more …. Then five of us will pick up a rental car, drive south to Maretea to enjoy a week at a time share. I return home on 4 October.

I am most fortunate to be traveling with such wonderfully international women. Some are new to this form of exploration and some have been traveling the world for years and have welcomed the opportunity to travel as a group.

We will continue to develop relationships with one another and peoples of the world. Indeed I see us all linking arms, women holding hands with women around the world.

Thank you. Grazie.

Ti amo



Wish you were here!





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