The Palace of a Count

16 century palace, horses in the down stairs area once … So huge

At least twenty foot high ceilings. Shiny new marble floors! Spacious rooms. Balconies overlooking narrow alley type street. You could almost reach across and touch hands. The street is teeming with activity. Clothes lines …. There are buckets on e wall to be lowered to bring up groceries from street shopping? Easier than walking the plentiful old stairs! Also marble but very old. This is the most amazing place.

Iron gates at the entrance makes the place look abandoned. But inside, ah inside, it lives a vibrant life!

Today I went out on the balcony and said Bon giorno to a woman doing the same. She waved and reciprocated. Piacere!

Breakfast in the counts garden surrounded by orange trees, full grown and plentifully abundant with promise of fruit soon. Fresh made juice of carrot, orange, and lemon …. Cup of green tea. And some fresh cheese and a banana. The rest was great gluten products for the girls.

We have a plan for making decisions. Either all thumbs up, or down and if dissension, then we talk about it. Five thumbs up for island of Ischia today. Some kind of national holiday here?

Oh well,, away we go.


Ti amo! Andiamo!

Piña does cleaning and keeps the place

One comment on “The Palace of a Count

  1. Renee Bradley says:

    Sounds amazing Pamela 🙂

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