Longing for Community

Many books are written and even more people search for a sense of community. Is it a natural drive? Probably. Is it insatiable? Not sure. Is it critical? Yes. It is critical to acknowledge and understand this human drive.

We all have it, or did, to some degree. Wanting to fit in when we found out there was more to life than our immediate family and our own toes to play with…. When we went to school or play dates…. Wanting to be accepted, even invited, to join in with others.

This early searching for belonging must have some long term impact on how it goes years later. Our sense of acceptance, inclusion and social fit-in-ness likely color show we see our belonging now.

Meetup.com is a social community designed for people to connect on line and arrange to meetup in person, usually for a common goal or stated purpose. In my case, women to travel together. Women to find a sense of community and to then make plans if possible to reach out to one another and then yes, even more so, to the rest of the world. To find ourselves belonging to a community even larger and more connected than first imagined or desired.

Womens Travel Club is not so much about just being for women as it is about the intention of women joining with other women for support and intention to understand women globally. Of course many women want to and actually do make plans to travel with their children, grandchildren, partners and friends …. Male and female alike.

I also want to find other travel bloggers and connect with those writers I feel are brilliant and possess and display a style I can relate to. I have started a meetup group for this purpose as well, a writers group.

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