Gatwick Airport

I was picked up in a van (I had just said that I preferred a van to a bus). I always keep in mind that my thoughts become things. It was full, 6 passengers already in the back …. The driver says, I will have to sit in the front! Yeah! Feeling like I won the lottery! Comfy seat, great view and no problem with motion. Windy roads and quick driving, kind of fun really.

I had read Gatwick Airport is south of London. We cross he mighty Thames over a beautiful green and gold ornate bridge, but not in Center of town. I have never been this way before that I am aware. Names of areas are familiar posts on signs, Richmond, Kingston….

Duplexes and row housing, quite different from the densely populated area where I have been staying. More modern structures as well, looks more like home. I continue to see large signs “to let” and my mind reads ‘toilet’. Lol

Signs for ‘humps’ in the road instead of bumps. I notice the leaves are now starting very subtly to change with the season, a few gold leaves fall gently. Tree lined streets.

When in London I have been watching fashion. I love fashion. I see how I can make do with what I have and then it is how to put it all together that makes fashion. Lovely.

Now farming areas, and orchards, single dwellings and green trees lining the road. I am so grateful again for the front seat.

We enter Surrey. We head to a freeway … 8 lanes wide, four going our way. Then I see the first signage so far for Gatwick. It is still hazy out, but warm and promises to be the warmest day since our arrival. A note in the elevator for told of the weeks weather … Grin.

Heading to North terminal. I have already tipped the driver and he is very kind and attentive to me and unloading my luggage, explaining where I need to go.

I have arrived, and decide to unload my luggage and get boarding pass first… Even though I have a few hours to wait for my flight. I have been told the area after security is full of great shopping.

So off I go. Through security. Uneventful for me however challenging for some folks ahead of me that don’t understand about putting liquids in bags and only one each. They have to unpack. And sort and throw away … They clearly don’t get the instructions. However, they are out of the line now. I have done this enough to know that I need to remove my jewelry to get through smoothly. Done.

It takes me a few minutes to get put back together. And off I go in search of some food, maybe a wine and some water. I find it all at a Garfunkels up stairs. No wait. Stationed right behind the staff area so I get a view of the chaos. Ha ha.

Waves of business. No internet that I can figure out. I think there is a pay boingo spot, and I am remembering trips from my past when I tried this. Did it work then? Hmmmmmmmm.

Plans to get some Euros and spend my few British Pounds before I leave this airport later today.

Well, off to find my gate number and do some fashion watching and maybe shopping …… Then to meet the girls in Naples for an amazing Italian adventure for another few weeks.

Ciao tutti,

Ti amo


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