Last day in London

Good morning and Bon giorno my dear blog friends,

It is time for a shift in my travels. Let me first tell you about yesterday.

I had a Royal day full of walking and mindfully exploring the historic and regal parts of London. We started with Starbucks coffee. I don’t actually drink regular coffee and this summer have discovered iced decaf coffee, sugar free vanilla with soy, easy ice. This is in keeping with my preference for Starbucks consistency and also dairy, sugar and caffeine free. A great drink anytime, even in London as it is always the same at Starbucks!

I had to get my nails polished and manicure as was experience breakage and they looked like it had been way too long since they were cared for. That was fun.

We returned to the museum of Natural History and entered the special exhibit about the last million years of Britain, including the history of peoples in this area. So interesting in learned about the ice ages and severe changes in climate and how it affected early peoples. There were studies very recently reporting new findings and discoveries about migration and DNA history. Fossil evidence of 900,000 years old. I saw the inside of a woman’s scull maybe 400,000 years old … Wow, markings from blood vessels and brain on inside. I saw mock ups of women of that day. Most of the years people did not evolve back then …. Same same same for thousands of years. In the last twenty thousand years or so, Britain has been inhabited and look at the changes! Wow. So interesting. Worth a google! I notice the display is over end of September so I am so glad to have been here at this time.

We took a walk from there to and through Hyde Park. The first major attraction was Kensington Palace and I have pictures of the grounds and signage. Then saw Albert memorial and Albert Hall …. On route to the memorial fountain for Diana. That was powerful and I loved the peacefulness of this place. It is well done and I think honours her!

Further walking through the whole park and off to Buckingham Palace … On our way we got hungry and stopped in an old English pub. I notice similarities, although this one was called, Bag O Nails ….

And a leisurely walk through the gates and grounds of the Queens residence. She is off in Balmoral Scotland this time of year. Interesting today is the vote … First time in three hundred years, for Scotland to decide if they want independence from Britain. I hope not …sigh. They vote today.

Following that we scouted out the route following more of Hyde Park, Speakers Corner, and then down Knightsbridge area toward our hotel. We went past Harrods again …. And stopped in a few designer places, no purchases.

After a wee rest we went out again to find supper and picked up a bottle of Prosecco. The gal at the front desk put it in fridge for us to chill it. We drank while we packed for our adventure home for Steve and to Naples Italy for me.

Time to go wait for the bus to take me to the airport and the next leg of my journey.

Thanks for following, stay tuned for Italiano. Piacere!

Ti amo,


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