What does it say about London?

What does it say about a country when the beautiful old buildings, parks, museums are free admission? That it values such things and they belong to the people? I am impressed. Natural history museum today is amazing. Great displays including the
Darwin centre, Breathtaking entranceway. Sculptures and fossil of huge dinosaur.
Stained glass, life size mammal display is spectacular. Bathrooms free and clean!

After that, a trip to Harrods, the world famous luxury shop. Wow. We shopped! And got lost … Ha ha. And found some great areas. Really a fabulous store! And huge.

Then to Tower of London. Fun to walk around, being there. That is the most significant feeling I had today … I was there, walked in those places. Awesome

Then to the theatre for the musical performance of Wicked at Apollo Victoria Theatre. Wow! Just wow.

Having some issues with posting so not sure when I will get this out there. It is hot here and beautiful. I am glad I came to explore.

More tomorrow.

Wish you were here,
Love Pamela

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