Talk about Travel

The Art of Conversation: Travel

Hi folks, for something different I picked up a package of cards which promotes chat about travel. Questions to ask, ponder, and exchange answers. Perhaps it is good fodder for the travel blog?

In order to further women holding hands around the world, I am hopeful that the readers of this blog will take some of these discussions to their own community of folks and further deepen travel talk.

Some of the goals would include sharing travel tips, stimulating discussions with multi perspectives, explore thoughts, views, hopes, dreams, feelings and knowledge. Perhaps to learn more about ourselves and certainly to deepen our understanding of others. When we play this game at the meetups, perhaps we can time each other’s answers so that there is plenty of free exchange and everyone’s voice is heard. This deck could also be used in interview style, one person asking and the other answering and then switch roles. Topics investigated may touch on history, geography, politics, attitudes, areas of interest, environmental awareness and expanding vocabulary.

A few examples:
“Tourists don’t know where they have been and travellers don’t know where they are going”. Comment on this.

What country, other than your own do you identify with most strongly?

What has been your experience of revisiting the same place, a place you love?

If you were to dress in a costume of your favorite place, so far, how would you dress?

Tell me about your exploration of the artistic expression of another culture.

Where did your family originate and what do you know about that place?

What is your philosophy of travel? How has it changed over time?

If you could travel back in time, where and when would you journey?

How have you made your budget cost trip in to a first class holiday?

Take a photo in your mind of a moment past without camera, describe it.

Describe the rhythm of a mode of transport that most aids in you being mindful.

Name a value, spiritual or philosophical, that you feel your own culture could benefit from being more like.

Describe a time when you most enjoyed the sounds around you as you slept.

What has travel helped you appreciate about your own country?

What arises your curiosity and in what way does travel contribute to this?

Name a favorite hiding spot for valuables when you travel (safes don’t count).

“People travel to faraway places to watch in fascination the kind of people they ignore at home.” Comment.

Where and what does exotic mean to you?

Where and when had you taken the road less traveled?

Where do you dream of going and yet doubt you will ever get to visit?


I look forward to you sharing you reaction to these questions and any answers you want to tell me about in return email.

Ciao for now my friends and family, a presto


(Today I took a minute of silence to remember the events in years past on Sept 11th and the event that rocked our world)

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