I had a great sleep last night and woke up early to watch us sail in to Copenhagen, Denmark. This being our second last port of call on the Baltic cruise. Tomorrow is Skagen and the first time this ship will have stopped there, ever. I am hopeful it is like Warnemunde a bit. After that one more sea day and formal night … Then off to London to explore there!

Copenhagen is a large city, one and half million inhabitants. Famed for the bronze statue of the Little Mermaid sitting, waiting, on a rock in the harbour built in 1913. People have been photographing for years this small but significant statue as a symbol of Copenhagen. Much like Christ the Redeemer in Rio and leaning tower in Pisa, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Great Wall in China. Hans Christian Anderson wrote about this tragic little heroine and other children’s stories.

There are royal palaces a plenty to check out. We plan to catch the green Hop On bus and ride the route with Glen and Maggie. We are told it is a clean and neat city and the center of political and economic life for this country. It was a Viking settlement in 1100’s, and is the largest of 474 Danish islands and is located on the east coast of Zealand. Apparently many pedestrian only areas in the city to be explored.

A mile long stretch of city between the Town Hall Square and the Royal Theatre invites shoppers as well as those, like us, looking to have a bevy and maybe even a rest between pub stops as we watch and spend time with the local people we encounter. Many restored 18th century buildings can be seen and enjoyed in this city area. There is a National Museum and a Planetarium, various cathedrals and churches dating way back.

Tivoli Gardens are world famous 22 square block and opened in 1843. Boasting also of an amusement park and various shows and rides every day.

Home of Carlsburg and Tuborg beers is here in Copenhagen and their regional drink includes Schnapps aka Aquavit, and Cherry Heering, a rich liquor.

Time to head out for the day, I hope to have wifi on the bus, to send warm wishes to you all from Denmark.

I trust your days are filled with joy.

Wish you were here, with love,





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