Skagen Cloud

Good morning my friends and family,

Today is Queen Victoria maiden stop in Skagan Denmark. We awoke in a dense cloud. The Captain says there is a lovely sun up there, we could not see the end of the ship and he said the tender boat operators could not see their hands in front of them. We are waiting to hear an announcement for disembarkation, a bit later.

There is sun sparkling off the water, as we sit on the lido deck, eating our buffet breakfast and watching the cloud. No fluffy white clouds above us, only beautiful clear blue, as the fog lifts.

People who have booked tours with Cunard will be ok with delay however those who arranged private tours, perhaps not so patient. Another little risk involved when booking independently of the cruiseline, although it does not happen much.

We have no organized tours but might love to walk beaches and even out to the tip of Jutland Peninsula of Denmark, an archipelago of 400 islands. This is Denmarks northernmost town with North Sea off the west coast and Baltic Sea to the east. Apparently this land attracts artists …. Like Victoria BC, Canada, where I live! Two million tourists a year come here. It boasts a soft sandy coastline and bucolic scenery, and ambiance to inspire artists and beach goers. Little boutique stores line the streets.

This is our first tender on this cruise and our last port of call in the full 14 nights on the Queen Victoria here in the Baltic area of the world. The only country that borders this country is Germany. Greenland and Faroe Islands are part of Denmark kingdom. We are 647 nautical miles from disembarkation in Southampton.

Grenen is at the very tip of Denmark, and only an hours walk from Skagen. It is possible to stand there, with a foot in two seas. Not sure if we will make the trek. Apparently not an area safe for swimmers due to colliding seas and swirling waves. The views are supposed to be breathtaking and I would be interested in that inspiration if it is possible for us today.

We will venture to the towns old quarter, which promises picturesque and colourful red roofed cottages and homes, near fishing boats in the marina. There is an eagle sanctuary here and has been for some thirty years.

Well, stay tuned for how the day unfolds as the dense Skagen cloud lifts and finds us enjoying this wonderfully rich port of call.

Ciao tutti,
ti amo


Wish you were here!

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