Skagen, After the Cloud

Beautiful. Hot sunny.

We meet a couple in the queue from just outside Kentville Nova Scotia … We shared a cab out from Skagen to Grenen so see the sea times two. Sandy beach all reclaimed from the ocean floor. Wow…. Amazing place. And so far we have driven to where we get on sandorman tractor to take us even farther out into the wild. Sand and wind has reclaimed the land and continues to do so. Clean and green, with miles of sand. Long grasses poking through. We are where the ocean once was.

Here we go: An adventure, no trees. Cars can’t come out here to this area of the beach. This pivotal place.

After an hour of frolicking, photo taking and standing in two seas, we catch the tractor pulled wagon back to the info booth and taxis are waiting.

We get dropped off in the town centrum and exploration continued through artistic shops, and other local fares. Very nice, sunny and warm. Beautiful and calm.

Formal dining evening where lobster was served. I have enjoyed the special meals I received on this cruise. Eduardo, my head waiter was very attentive to my needs and requests and he was very kind as well to the entire table.

After dinner I had an invite to the Captains reception and we had a nice chat and visit with a few familiar guests. Then we met up with our table mates for the evening show, a juggler comedian …. Followed by a meetup in the Golden Lion Pub where we played a group game with laughter. The ten from our dining table, divided in to two groups.

And then dancing in Hemispheres night club to the ship’s band Synergy. Our last night with them. Bed time and the last day at sea tomorrow.

Lovely cruise, exotic ports of call, with fantastic weather and great new friends.

All the best, ciao tutti




One comment on “Skagen, After the Cloud

  1. Debbie Rachar says:

    Remarkable. What a lovely ending to a “Perfect Luxurious Cruise”.

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