Blog in a Blur, Warnemunde Germany

Blog in a blur … It’s the schnapps!

Highlight of the trip! Quaint little beach town of Warnemunde, Germany. Wow … We walked through the cobblestones to the gorgeous vast sandy beach and watched ocean waves. Lighthouses marking the way, the town pension, small hotel type places… Wow, the style of homes in Germany does not disappoint here.

Walked sandy beach, enjoyed sea birds and feel of sand in my toes, and the sweet sound of waes coming and going. We walked a sea wall out to a lighthouse where the waves crash on the sharp rocks. It seems that not long ago the water left behind sea weed evidence of a windy storm. Perhaps last evening?

Kites dancing in the wind high above the beach and small one person sail boats daring to frolic in the sea swells. Larger sail boat heads out with aid of motor and incoming ferry boats. Busy port

So picturesque. I am in love with this place.

And now for some shopping along the boardwalk. Old ships converted to restaurant and cafes on the water side, clothes and other type shops on the other .. Yeah!

Stopped for Prosecco for me mixed with a local not sweet orange liquor, as a frizzy drink, cocktail, Aperol, and beer for my travel companions. First one of the day …. We plan to taste beer and Prosecco all day as I shop. Ha ha …. Glen and Maggie join us and the four sisters drop by as well …. So fun.

And now to stop number two, again we have seen most of the gals and Glen from our table on the ship. Dark beer, local light beer and I have a similar drink, Aperol and Prosecco. Sea gulls, shops on ships, cruisers everywhere, and other tourists. Joanne and I order some pommes frites, French fries … And they are very good, extra ketchup. We have schnapps at this stop … Shared :).

Oh my, this is a favorite stop so far… I could come back here.

Third stop … We have walked the town, purchased schnapps and Prosecco at grocery store and Jan is going to walk up the lighthouse for the view from there. I have a piccolo bottle of medium dry Prosecco, called Momentum by Trocken. Very pleasant. And we are waiting for Jan, she won’t be long.

This has been my favorite port of call this far, small ocean town with large sandy beach, great shopping and many little pubs dotting the boardwalk. I would like to return here and to any place similar.

Jan returns…. We prepare to return to the ship.

Wish you were here ….. Signing out from Warnemunde Germany.





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