Sea day to Germany

Warnemunde is the next port of call. Today the sun is bright with some clouds. A bit cool to lay out by the pool unless hot tubbing is more the goal.

Breakfast, rest and relax, walk around, exploring the library, and enjoying the beautiful lounges. There was a Russian Bazarre today in the Queens Room and I stayed on the next floor and looked down watching the shopping activity as people were picking through the stacking dolls, decorated intricate eggs shaped into earrings, pendants and even ornaments, fabric items for the household, t shirts, and vodka! And of course finger foods for people to enjoy as they shop!

And then time for lunch … Time always to eat again. Lol. Seafood extravaganza at lunch today, with some salad.

Tonight is another formal night, Victorian theme. And tomorrow some quiet strolling through the beach coastal town of Warnemunde Germany.

Ciao for now.


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