Helsinki Finland

And today we are starting with a Hop On bus right from the port. So exciting! Beautiful! Tree lined streets. Sunshine and blue skies.

Major department store Stokmann, it takes up a full city block and up, as well as several layers below the street. They say if you can’t get it there, you don’t need it! Lol

We did a hop on hop off bus around the route and then back to the Rock Church. It is a very unusual structure built deep in stone, however is very bright from natural light. Very peaceful and lovely.

Then walked downtown and through the streets. Stopped for an iced decaf coffee with sugar free vanilla and soy at the local Starbucks in the base of Stockmanns. Onward to look in windows of high fashion shops. One window all decked in black and white, lines and dots dresses and tights. Very fun, and fine style. International European fashions … People sitting round small tables at pubs and cafes on the street, sipping wine and or coffee in the heat of the sun on this warm afternoon in the capital of Finland.

We walked to the large outdoor market … Fish for sale, raw and freshly cooked with side plates of veggies, fries and little round potatoes. Trinkets, silver crafted into lovely jewelry, knitted warm winter sock slippers, mitts and hats …. Leather and fur. Fun to walk and look through the fares.

Back to the bus after picking up some Prosecco and red wine, as well as local peppermint schnapps from the lower floor of the Stockmanns …. And then to the ship. Souvenir and local fabric designers set up outside the ship in the covered area. I stop to check out the wares and then boarding for a day at sea.

Another very find day in port, with our new friends. Jan and Joanne from the Womens Travel Club … And Maggie and Glen from Liverpool who also sit at our table each evening. The six of us hung out together all day.

We enjoy a lovely dinner with them as well in addition to the four sisters from London who also sit at our table for ten. Lovely stories of the last few days of touring.

Good night, my friends


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