Stockholm for a day on foot

In search for Olde Towne

Stockholm Sweden looks like a metropolis with many old buildings complete with ground floor shops like we have. Zara, Asics, McDonalds. We see train tracks through town and many tourist hop on busses. We find cross walks … And we stop at McDonalds in search of free wifi and a water closet…. It has only the WC which I am grateful for ….. On ward

I picked up some postcards, stamps and a flag for grandchildren. I write and post the cards from all ports along my trips. Also I have started them on a collection of flags.

My eldest daughter on e lived here as a nanny one year about 10 years ago, so I am thrilled to be walking where she once has been. What a treat.

The information visitor shop is well located and has free internet as well as pay washrooms. Interesting difference from other places I have been.

It is beautiful and clean and we spent most of our walking time in Old Town. No other purchases, however some very unique shops!

Back to the ship in plenty of time to get some fries, have a seat listening to music and then we enjoyed the sail away party on deck. Setting sail for St Petersburg.




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