And now for Sweden and the first port of call

Sweden, Similar to BC Coastline

Good morning, gluten tag …. Or ? In Swedish? Out walking the deck at very early hour before the sun is entirely up. Sun bright and warm sparkling off the water. I am walking the promenade on the ship. One of the very best common areas to view our passage. Islands of Sweden on each side, as we go down the channel. We seem to be following a large cruiseship of some European origin, as I have never seen this one previously.

People running by, walking, in circles doing their laps to stay fit despite the rich and wonderful never ending buffet that is floating around us. The food has been wonderful and only second to the service, efficient, polite, predicting our every need. We have very attentive wait staff at our table for ten and we are all moving together throughout the evening, last night Karaoke! Earlier it was trivia in the pub and then always followed by chancing in the Queens Room or dance floor at Hemispheres on tenth floor. Four sisters from Liverpool, two gals from Meetup Womens Travel Club, another couple from United Kingdom and us. What laughs we have had. Last night the eldest sister, Ena, and Glenn of the UK couple sang a duet, “I got you babe” in the Golden Lion Pub.

We have slowed as we entered the narrow channel and I found a beautiful wooden bench to enjoy the warmth of the sun and to write to you. I have taken pictures of the homes, cottages and saunas that dot the coastlines. Brightly painted they really shine in the morning rays. Very well manicured lawns that I can see. Places to play and small boats tethered to wooden docks reaching in to the sea.

I love cruising. This is actually the best part of the day, early morning for vista viewing. How fortunate for the bright sun to light the way. The shore is so close I can almost reach out and touch the swans, I offer them a greeting of peace as we sail quietly by.

Now landed and tethered to the dock, we are gathering our local currency, passports and some credit cards for going a shore. My plan is to get postcards and flags for grandsons and maybe other items for their mom, who nannied here once a very long time ago.

More later, wish you were here.


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