Entertainment in Style

The last few nights on the ship we have enjoyed dancing to the three piece bands called Synergy. Great to dance to, sounds and melodies from the ages.

As well singers and musicians have performed during the evening after dinner show. Last evening Jacinta was the songstress. Very emotional and sensitive in her song choices. With tears in her eyes she sang selections such as Danny Boy, and the tune Fontaine sings in Les Mis… “I had a dream” …. And then a tune with a story from the perspective of a woman who gives birth to twins and due to circumstances has to give one a way and raises the other. The youngsters grow up and meet, then end up in the forces, and die in war. The news gets to the mom and this is her song. It was a moving piece.

Tonight the musician played guitar, fiddle and piano as well as a mouth organ. Almost all his songs I knew and enjoyed being played by him. He played Hallelujah with such passion. He played television western themes, he sang the Don McLean song about Vincent, Starry StarryNight and did a fabulous rendition of Thew Devil Went Down to Georgia and a medley of classical tunes.

The Golden Lion Pub is a gathering place after dinner for the women and other couple from our table, for trivia and some bevies and laughs. It really is a fun group, the ten of us.

We have been losing an hour a night, on top of the original loss of time for me, so I am still trying to catch up with sleep. Oh well, the show must go on!

All is well on this ship,

Love and wish you were here,


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