Stockholm tomorrow

Stockholm and other destinations

Preparing our days in port, we are attending great talks, which are illuminating. They also repeat throughout the day and evening to re listen on the TV Chanel in our room. Not that we spend much time there! And the tv is seldom on.

We have selected the two one day stops in St Petersburg, 6 and 7 September. We do have a stop in old Stockholm first.

Sightseeing will be fun and beautiful with hop on and hop off bus opportunity. 2.5 million people live in Stockholm and it is quite the archipelagos linking 14 islands and the mainland by some fifty bridges. I love bridges and look forward to exploring a few throughout that day. It is the capital city. I am looking forward to this tour. We may need some Swedish Kronor for currency. There is a large modern city and also an old town, which interests me. I expect we might even see an Ikea and ABBA museum …. Lol! I hear the Nobel prizes are awarded here as well.

My eldest daughter came to Sweden to nanny one year about ten years ago and I had wanted to join her then and could not. I look forward to seeing what she once described to me in letters.

We are waiting to see the talk on St Petersburg although we have something now booked for the two days. Day 1 seems like we need to see the Hermitage and get a feel for what the fuss is all about. Second day is a walking exploration for about seven hours, still in a tour. We hope to see many sights and really get a feel for St Petersburg that day for sure.

Helsinki, an old sea port, is the third port of call and visiting Finland sounds wonderful. Hop on hop off I think will get us around, followed by walking and especially a peek in to see the famous unique Rock Church. Otherwise castles, churches and architecture, with walks along the bridges and river areas including old town and some exploration of the open air markets will be the plan. Erottaja is the Center of town and a Cunard shuttle will be provided for us.

Looking forward to being surprised by all the ports of call featured in this itinerary.

Off to breakfast now. We lost an hour last night re time zones adjustment. I am still getting used to the big jet lag from the flight over and feel tired in the mornings more than I like. I prefer at least eight hours of sleep a night and I am falling short trying to fit in all there is, shows, activities and of course the ever important food opportunities …. Lol.

I finished a painting today of a few boats in Talinn. Although our ship is not sopping there, I am pleased with the painting. Today we also were drawing and painting a chipmunk and I did not love that ! So after I finished my marina, I started a sail boat while practicing a new technique with candle wax.

Posting the completed piece of art below.

Ciao and wish you were here.






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