The Sea

What a Way to See the Sea, Si

I am loving the calm blue and gentle almost not movement of the sea. I know there is life below, I see from time to time some evidence poking through and inviting cameras to capture the moment. We are passing Copenhagen harbour, with towers and spires reaching ever up.

The whispy movement of the air tussles my hair, keeps my skin cool, while the bright heat of the sun is relentlessly shining on those who take a seat on the outside decks for a short while.

There are no tides apparently, however rivers feed the sea. Our vessel is cruising along at this time, through this amazing channel, usually not navigable due to low waters in summer season, according to the Captain. This is a special voyage indeed!

Land and peoples, speaking another language, collecting different currency and yet likely possessing similar thoughts and dreams, just over the horizon. The ship makes us neighbours. We wave at the small boats that come nearby and we can almost make out the desire on their faces. “I wish you could be here too, with us”. One big universal family of travellers. Those that seek to know and are curious about the other. The women who reach put to hold hands with other women around the world.

Thanks for joining me on this and all my travels through this blog, and on Facebook. I enjoy sharing my story and bringing you along with me.


Ti amo,


Ps … I have ordered gluten free vegetarian pizza for tomorrow lunch, yummmm!





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