Packing stress revisited

Packing stress …. Again

Hi there my faithful followers. Time for some packing tips …. Do you have some? Lol

I am heading out in a little over a week for a five week trip to Europe. I have two weeks on a luxury Cunard cruise in the Baltic followed by about four days in the vibrant historic city of London, UK. There are formal evenings for dining almost every second night … And we will be doing day time excursions to Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany and more.

Then I fly to Naples where I will spend a few days exploring the Amalfi coast, perhaps a quick train ride to Rome, with four additional fabulous women from the Womens Travel Club. Herein after referred to as WTC!

We have been taking Italian lessons and getting to know one another with the assistance of appies, gluten free Mediterranean pizza from The Joint, a gifted bottle of limoncello and more than one bottle of cold sparkling Prosecco from Italian region where we will be visiting.

And then a week on an adventure land tour out of Sorrento with seven women from the WTC, visiting the ruins of Pompeii, eating more gluten free pizza and pasta, and checking out the island of Capri as well as one day Walk of the Gods.

And subsequently we have a car rented for a week even further south of Italy about three hours drive from Naples, around Maratea marina area. Walking, relaxing, and some hot sunny beach time.

The reason I give you all these details, other than I LOVE to talk about my trips …. Is you can imagine my challenge for packing all these various venues, clothes for five weeks in one or two small carry on suitcases.

I have travelled this light before … (See previous blog about going to Greece for two week Cunard luxury cruise and followed by one week more casual cruise where I had to take my luggage on commuter train as I crossed Italy). I intend to use the same luggage pieces. I intend to not expand my suitcase and I intend to take the appropriate clothes suitable for all the venues and possible weather possibilities.

It can be very hot, still in August in the Baltic and even in to October in the very south of Italy. I need to figure this all out. Pictures to follow ….

Ciao for now

Love ….

Ps. I am seriously waiting for your packing tips … Bring it on!



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