Repost: What if THIS is that day?

Feb 17 2013

Do you remember the day it all began? The day all the questions came at you at once and you were able to see with crystal clarity your life purpose?

I am so inspired and touched by the journey of my life. Today I can visualize the top, my highest and best, my ultimate happy place, my top 1% of my very best day of the best year of the best decade of this life.

My friend interviewed me this morning. We get together by phone and in person several times a week to talk about life and our respective journeys. We share our muses and the latest books we read and the experiences we have had. The ah-hah moments that rock our world.

Today , in the interview, I said with clarity my priorities of livelihood, travel, health, family and to improve the lives of women around the world. I explored verbally in detail how I came to have these priorities and what I do every single day to take steps toward my highest and best: how I visualize and what practices I personally maintain to ensure I am taking daily steps toward the top of my Mt Everest.

I talked about my craft and what I do to log my 10,000 hours of brilliance toward my genius; becoming world class. I honored and witnessed my own journey and then that of my friend. I celebrate my steps in the direction of my desires and dreams: fine tuning and yahoo-ing as I go; singing my song in my own voice. I recorded the words, the message and the dream so I can reflect and review this day, this moment and this step on my life journey.

I have goosebumps and a few tears of emotion as I tell the story I once heard from the first woman, Canadian, who climbed Mt Everest and the lesson of that adventure. I see with some more clarity what I must do for my own journey. I must have witnesses and I surround myself with support and talent and love.

I ask my friend if she is closer to seeing her purpose in this life. She responds with careful thought and I witness the spark. And I wonder, out loud, what if I was there that day Bill Gates or Mother Theresa or Madonna found their song? What if I am witnessing such a global life changing moment right now?

What if this is THAT day?

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