Women Wanted: To travel and explore the world!

“Women Wanted: to travel and explore the world as part of a successful fun supportive club”

That would be the advertisement. Here is the “why”.

My vision is world peace. My mission is to advance world peace by supporting women to hold hands around the world. To look eye to eye, to speak kind and supportive words to each other, to share the common exquisite experience of daughter hood, womanhood, motherhood, sisterhood.

I value fun, authenticity, exploration as a form of curiosity, support, peaceful intention and love.

I am a facilitator of change. I have been on a mission of change all of my life. I am just now clarifying the words to describe my journey.

I am dedicating my life’s work to my mission and I have formed this Womens Travel Club to offer a sense of belonging and acceptance in the global community that supports and values women. Women matter. How we show up, each of us, in our daily experiences matters. Stating a clear intention is key and followed up by steps in the direction of our stated purpose.

Thank you for stepping in to my journey. Thank you for holding hands with me and lending your support to women everywhere. Thanks for your contribution to world peace.

I live in easy world where a river of love and support flows through me.


One comment on “Women Wanted: To travel and explore the world!

  1. Debbie Rachar says:

    Awesome Pam. This is beautiful, inspiring and uplifting.

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