The world is ready

The world is ready for my vision!

I have been involved with a womens travel club for a few years now and then I stepped away. I travelled and found that the women in the club were not joining me. I felt like we were not moving at the same vibration. Another gal stepped up to take over for a short time. It was good and got some people coming out to meetups. I was asked to step back in.

I tried several locations and every two or three weeks … Different gals attended and the group is growing. Many stop in to see me. Many are chatting and exchanging ideas and emails. Some are making plans to travel together.

I know this is not “my” group. It belongs to the women who make it theirs. I get to be part and to enjoy finding my own friends, my own way and making plans to travel my own path.

In a few weeks a new vision board, a treasure map for my future destinations. More Italy and Greece. New locations, words, pictures and adventures.

I can hardly wait to travel with those who can hardly wait to travel with me!

Join me,

Much love,

Ps. Please join the meetup group even just to watch the excitement and be part of this vision of mine. The world is open 24-7 for our pleasure!

2 comments on “The world is ready

  1. dianacreyers says:

    So lovely Pamela!! I am going to share your site and your blog with a friend of mine who loves to travel; she is like a nomad! Also wondering if you would like to offer a guest post on my blog at ….. maybe something on Authentic Traveling….. much love, diana xo

  2. dianacreyers says:

    So lovely Pamela! I am going to share your blog and website with a friend of mine who is passionate about travel xo

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